2010 and beyond

I can not believe 2010 is coming to an end in just a few days! I can not even recall how it got started, the year seems to pass by in a flickering light. I was only reminded by a photo of a Xmas tree put up by a friend on facebook, is it that time of the year already? Yes, its time to put up the tree, its time to see Santa, its time for the festive decoration, its time for a new year resolution, its time to look back, ponder the present and plan for the future. Its time for many things!Every year goes by with a determination not to miss this and that on the following year, what have I missed? nothing that I can think of, 2010 went by too fast that I didnt even have the chance to grasp it, it just slipped away while I was riding an emotional roller coaster….what a year!I’ve chosen a different path throughout the year of 2010, I’ve decided to live my life and be myself, ignoring the mundane in the so called “society” around me, I’ve adopted a nonchalant attitude towards many things around me, concentrated on my loved ones, I told myself not to waste a minute on the trivial that is of no importance to my life. I spent a big part of my time alone if not with family, I keep up my yoga and gym routine, I frequent nearby restaurants and bars alone, I enjoy being alone, it is those moments of being alone that I am able to find myself back who is often lost in household chores; kids’ tantrums; family matters. The solitude enables me to comprehend more on what life is about, to balance my energy and to sooth my soul! Being alone doesn’t mean I’m lonely, my heart is full of love of my loved ones and closed friends, I need not the phony gathering where everyone is decked in the most expensive brands and the most ostentatious looks sipping top growth wines. With close ones, a simple glass of wine turns a meal into dinner, it is the bonding of minds that speak not the facade that tells!

We took several family trips this year, ski trip to Verbier in Jan, London/Milan in Feb, Bali in April, Summer in Provence, mid-autumn trip to Hangzhou and we just returned from Tokyo Disney. We began to explore Taiwan as we want kids to learn and appreciate local culture, we went to Taitung, Hwalien, Kenting, Yilan and we took several day trips to nearby “must-go”. I personally took several trips to Shanghai, seems like a list we got but not enough, its never enough for me, travel is my passion, travel enriches my life, travel is the best education one can give the kids. I long to do more and more as the kids get older and as long as we can afford! Im planning more for 2011, I’ve decided to give myself 1 or 2 sole trips just to breath and rejuvenate my body and mind! It shall benefit both myself and the family!

“The more powerful and original a mind, the more it will incline towards the religion of solitude” Aldous Huxley. I felt strongly when I came across this quote!

Hubby has been struggling for a career path in Asia let along what he has in Europe, the market has been tough, economy has been fluctuating, horrible stories and all these swindles we heard have made us more and more conservative and cautious on investments. Hubby took a new position in Shanghai which gave him less time at home. Do I like it? Do we like it? We miss him tremendously whenever he is away. Do we have enough to live? its always enough and never enough, isn’t it? We are just trying to aim at a good amount of savings to semi retire in a few years so we can enjoy the globe as kids will be older and more independent.

As for myself, I’ve officially stepped away from a family business position after 15 years of more than a full time devotion, has it been easy? only god knows! will I go back? only god knows. I’ve decided to let go of planning after we passed 2/3 of 2010, I can no longer keep up with the changes in life, they whirl into my life like a thunderstorm, suffocate me and tangle my surroundings, too much to handle, to0 much to swallow, I’ve decided to let time and space pave out the road ahead, it was a struggle, I must confess it was not an easy process and I’m still adjusting to it.

Kids, my 2 beautiful devils from heaven! Sabrina will turn 5 next year, quick and smart and mature, she is in a rebel stage, drives me nuts….Chloe will turn 3 next year, she just started school and is picking up all the bad habits instead of the good ones! We are a family of 4 bonded by lots of love and passionate gestures, I only wish hubby can be around more! Victor and I have decided to send kids to local elementary school in the neighborhood instead of the prominent private school once they reach 6, wishing them to grow up being happy and understand the meaning of value, life is not what it seems to be, you just gotta earn it with hard work! As for their childhood, there is no need to worry too much about academic before they know the real meaning of it, life=the simpler the better, have a happy healthy one!

I shall continue my online holistic studies, yes, I’ve been tempted to just let go of it many times but “age” and “kids” have kept me going. Knowing that several people around me are still struggling with cancer, health is of utmost importance, happiness is meaningless without it. As for now, I still pray for my dear friend Aggie who is still in bed struggling with kidney cancer with doesn’t know how many months she has left!

Kids gave me the strength and determination to be healthy and even healthier, mommy cant afford to be sick, knowledge on how to maintain and pursue our well-being is important, my studies shall continue. Victor managed to lose over 20 kg and he has been able to maintain his weight with his personal diet plan and pure walking routine.

Life, what is it? I’ve question it many times. Im still seeking the answer but Im coming close to it. I strongly believe it is to lead a simple life with loved ones with a healthy body mind and soul! As a quote I happened to come across on twitter : “Take care of yourself. Good health is everyones major source of wealth. Without it, happiness is almost impossible.”

2010, I spent the entire year learning to let go, some say holding on is what makes you strong, but sometimes it takes much more then strength to just let go & move on, I cant agree more with this saying. The strength is to think that letting go is the beginning of a new life. Perhaps moving to Shanghai is the right choice for us.

2011, wishing everything will be better in all realms……..we need it!

New York born, Taiwan raised, married Swiss, addicted to travel, love the change of boundaries, cant live without bubble, lover of food n wine, helping dad to run a lock company, passion in art n culture, recently picked up photography and blogging, raising two girls, balancing a busy life, juggling with different chores, writing my book and living my life!

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