We went straight to ChuLu farm upon our landing in Taitung. The farm is very famous for its dairy product but we were a bit disappointed for it wasnt  planned properly, bits and pieces scattered and unused facilities make some parts feel deserted . We still had a good time since it was relaxing to be in the idyllic setting, dancing with the grass, enjoying the fresh air, kiddies enjoy the pony ride as well as feeding the black and white dairy cows decorating the pasture. Dont forget to try their ice cream! We headed back to our hotel afterwards, instead of choosing a 5 star highrise hotel, I picked a different type of hotel this time, the 21 Holiday Resort feels like a homestay on a grand scale with different rooms scattered throughout the land and on the water, the reception felt like a huge living room

and the staff are extremely helpful and friendly. There were several black swans which caught our attention in the resort and there is a fish pond for kiddies to feed fish.

We started early the next day, we went around WanAn county, visited the ChihShang Rice company followed by a quick stop at the Bunon museum. Then our guide took us into the windy mountains for a scenic drive via the famous Nan Hung Highway The geographic landscape is quite amazing with the stratums compressed and the rocks stand solid and vertically with clear texture and composition with yellow to brownish color which is the result of the hotspring oozing, we tried the 6 well hot spring where we dipped our legs into the water, 6 small hot pool which was to serve the purpose for local workers to relax after a hard day of work, the temperature was so high that we put a bag of eggs to be cooked. We took our lunch break at the Chisang township which is famous for its rice. We went to the most famous Chisang restaurant where you get to eat on the old trains which was a lot of fun for kids. There is also a small museum that covers the history of rice making. The place has a very strong nastalgic touch since it displays a lot of the traditional living elements that bring us back in time on farmer’s life, a very educational way for children to understand more about the originality and essence of this island long before technology took over.

We went to the kids favorite place Bunon Village after lunch. Bunon is one of the 14 aboriginal tribes in Taiwan who got pushed back to the mountains after settlers stormed in centuries ago. Its a big compound very well organized by a foundation which includes a small scale hotel, theater, art center, restaurant, coffee shop etc and a lot of their self made produce and body product.

We visited the Luye township which is now a center of parachute sports hence the height and panoramic view. The place is also known for its oolong tea and it was nice to stoll around and enjoy the view and tasted some local food sold on the stands.

On our last day, the guide took us to the famous Yuan Sen Applied Botanical Garden, a gigantic piece of land where they grow almost every kind of organic herbs and vegetables and made them into all kinds of product. A huge undertaking that requires all kinds of hard work in every realm. We drove leisurely for the rest of the morning, went through the Beinan Cultural Park, another aboriginal tribe of Taiwan and has the first and richest archaeological dig which is still in process. The seashore park is one of the best choices to enjoy the ocean, the park is very well organized with multiple big art pieces scattered around, it was relaxing to enjoy the breeze and the view.

New York born, Taiwan raised, married Swiss, addicted to travel, love the change of boundaries, cant live without bubble, lover of food n wine, helping dad to run a lock company, passion in art n culture, recently picked up photography and blogging, raising two girls, balancing a busy life, juggling with different chores, writing my book and living my life!

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