December means start getting ready for our ski vacation and get those ski outfits out.  We started our annual winter vacation in Verbier over 2 years ago when Chloe was only 1.5 year old and this is our 3rd season back.  We chose Verbier because its a simple adorable little town with wonderful landscapes, not too much of a bling bling/people watching and skiing in designer outfits resort. We enjoy the simplicity and the child friendly ambience very much. We went back to the chalet we first stayed, Romantica,  a small and cozy two bedroom at the most convenient location, perfect just for the four of us, our cook  Hanna made wonderful food and fed us so well! It’s nice to go back to the same place because locals start recognizing us and we get to know the place better and well, it makes everything easier and smoother especially when traveling with kiddies.



It snowed many days during our stay this year, I can only recall 2 days of sunshine, visibility was totally off on several occasions and the flat  light left me nothing much to see on the slope, the snow and clouds became one.  Nevertheless, we were equally in awe with the majestic landscape, indulged in the mountains, the undulating curves covered with snow appeared just like paintings, marks left by the ski tracks as if brushstrokes dancing on canvases, the  serenity on the attitude and its fresh cool air intoxicated us! We did a lot of skiing this season, we found a babysitter for the girls in the afternoon so we did over 4 hours of plain ski excluding all the gondola rides on the second week and didn’t want the day to end!

We always eat well in Verbier, big breakfast, big lunch, afternoon tea and try to stay on the lean side over dinner.  We go back to our favorite places but never get tired of them, this year unfortunately we didn’t get to eat outdoor since it has snowed too much, but the positive  thing was that the slope condition was lovely and we got to ski on the powder snow a lot!

Chloe did her first ski this year, she went through a cycle of fear, fun, very scared to excited and loving it, the teacher was very pleased and surprised on her result, proud of our little girl!  Sabrina went through a cycle as well,   her first day was on a deep red slope and the visibility was zero with the snow knee-high, she got terribly scared and refused to go on the intermediate slope again, however we were lucky to have Lindsay as her 2nd week instructor, a wonderful lady who motivated and helped Sabrina got back on the red level. We ran into Sabrina’s favorite instructor Sasha from last year so many times that we decided to schedule a private class for them, she enjoyed it so much and we will see him next year!

We skied on many different slopes with our private instructor, Remi,and since he knows the place inside out,  we were almost always the early birds to get to the slope, to be the first on the chair lifts, one morning while it was snowing badly on the ground when everyone ended up staying in, we caught the sunshine on the mountains and skied down alone, it was awesome to be alone and the first or the very few in the mountains before the crowd got in!

As any vacation, it’s always hard to say goodbye and pack up to leave, being in the mountains in the snow and ski nonstop is so liberating!

As a norm, we headed to Geneva to meet up with friends and dine at hubby’s restaurant off the lake but this time we stayed  for 4 days since hubby had to fly to Madrid for a  meeting.  Oh,

so hard to say goodbye, until next year!!!

New York born, Taiwan raised, married Swiss, addicted to travel, love the change of boundaries, cant live without bubble, lover of food n wine, helping dad to run a lock company, passion in art n culture, recently picked up photography and blogging, raising two girls, balancing a busy life, juggling with different chores, writing my book and living my life!

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