How do you describe such special friendship? aunt/niece? friends? I guess we are both!

Ellie, she is my aunt, a real aunt but only 6 years older, she married my uncle 10 something years ago….I still recall the first time I saw her, she was still a flutist, my sister was a huge fan and she performed on stage from time to time…..we were at my parents’ 30th anniversary and my uncle showed up with this slender elegant woman dressed in a black dress, his new girlfriend….honestly I can not recall at all on how our relationship evolved since that day about 15 years ago, its something you can not explain because it just developed through time.

Although she is my aunt in the family tree, personally she is more as a friend to me, a very dear friend who I can dump trash and count on when Im in need of a shelter! We often exchange our deep secrets in life!

We used to hang out quite often before I turned into motherhood. We don’t see each other so often these days since we both are very occupied with family, household and work. However, we do make sure we catch up with each other from time to time, updating the latest like any other girls. We sms each other a lot, we wine and dine together, sharing our gastronomic interests, we shopped at the same stores to a point that we talked about sharing clothes, we go to the same hair stylist, we exchange a lot of information on life style such as traveling, latest trend, new discovered spots..etc, we can drink and chat till the sun comes out……..

The good old days, we used to travel together, we have been to Bali, Indonesia, Singapore, Shanghai , Hong Kong, India and the recent Bhutan together, good memories! She met most of all my closed friends and we just mingle into a nice crowd when we see each other!

Friendship, comes in all forms, this one is definitely rare indeed

New York born, Taiwan raised, married Swiss, addicted to travel, love the change of boundaries, cant live without bubble, lover of food n wine, helping dad to run a lock company, passion in art n culture, recently picked up photography and blogging, raising two girls, balancing a busy life, juggling with different chores, writing my book and living my life!

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