I have been wanting to take Victor and kiddies back to our ancestral home in WuFeng, Taichung.

Below writtien by my Swiss husband who visited my Ling ancestral home:

A portal to times past.  A glimpse at the splendor of the Forbidden City.  Flowing robes of the Mandarins, ethereal serenity of imperial China emerging from the mist of a history not so distant and yet so mysterious.  Fading colours revived, crumbling stones reborn, all the glory of the legacy resurrected.  Gate after gate, door after door, building after building, discovery of magnificent frescoes, inspiring calligraphy, fine carvings a journey through the senses, through times.  Generational umbilical cord to a culture, traditions, architectural treasures, that is a but a small glimpse of what lies in WuFeng, our Ling ancestral home.

New York born, Taiwan raised, married Swiss, addicted to travel, love the change of boundaries, cant live without bubble, lover of food n wine, helping dad to run a lock company, passion in art n culture, recently picked up photography and blogging, raising two girls, balancing a busy life, juggling with different chores, writing my book and living my life!

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