This mighty and most visited site of Siracusa contains a Roman amphitheater, the amazing ear of Dionysus, the largest Greek theater in the world and Latomia del Paradiso which is an old limestone quarry. It provides a complete witness of the ancient social and religious scenes.


The Roman Amphitheater was built in the 2nd century AD and is the 3rd largest in Italy after the Colosseum in Rome and amphitheater in Verona. It was used for gladiator flights, horse races and wild animals in violence resulting in bloody scenes.

The highlight of the parco is of course the white Teatro Greco which is one of the largest and best preserved Greek theater. This masterpiece of classical architecture seats up to 160,000 people dates back at least until the 5th century BC but reconstructed  in the Third Century B.C. it was reconstructed under Hiero in the 3rd century B.C. and has remained almost as it was since that time. This Teatro Greco still stage performances of classical tragedy and comedy from May to late June.

The huge limestone quarry is full of hollows and caves used to keep prisoners of war.

An interesting site is the “Ear of Dionysius”, a 20m high and 65m deep, elongated ear shape arch that is cut into the rock was given the name by Caravaggio during his visit in 1608. Legend says that it was used by Dionysius the Tyrant as a prison for his enemies and later used as a sounding board for theatrical performances.

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