I dont waste anytime whenever I can hop on the plane and take a vacation. We spent a bit over two weeks in Switzerland for our winter vacation part I, we came home to spent Chinese New Year with grandparents then we left for our winter vacation part II, a luxury resort Song Saa on a private island in Cambodia.



Song Saa lies in the Koh Rong archipelago, a pair of islands called the sweethearts in the Khmer language connected by a bridge.  Most islands here remain undeveloped so the whole area is untouched with original natural elements.



The resort has 27 villas including 3 spa treatment rooms, it features over-water, jungle and ocean view villas all built with sustainble materials with deepest respect to the natural environment.


DSC00056 IMG_2242

DSC00042 DSC00030

IMG_9345IMG_9206IMG_2444 IMG_2440 IMG_2439IMG_2702

IMG_2431 IMG_2423 IMG_2422 IMG_2418 IMG_2417IMG_9534

The main Vista restaurant offers fine cuisine with a different set menu every day while the Drift Wood Bar offers more casual food such as pizza, pasta, local specialties, the chef suggests and prepares a differnt venue everyday for us, he handwrites on a little piece of paper and hangs it on our door every afternoon. We had a variety of dining experience during our stay, Seafood special on the beach as our Valentine’s dinner, BBQ while watching sunset, Cambodian feast in the room with a theater set up for the girls, we had our last supper at the main restaurant and they made a special kids set menu for the girls.


DSC00023    DSC00059       IMG_9275  IMG_2101IMG_2244IMG_2113IMG_2109IMG_2106

DSC00063IMG_2672 IMG_2656

IMG_2506 IMG_2501 IMG_2496IMG_2252IMG_2192 IMG_2196


We enjoyed this 6 day getaway so much, totally pampered and spoiled by the resort.  Its wonderful how the girls enjoy the sun and ocean as much as we do and they love swimming, we spent most of our time in the water, either in the main swimming pool or in the room or picking stones/shells by the sandy beach.


8 years after getting my PADI, I am finally back in the water for the first time after giving birth to two girls and now old enough to go to babysitters, we did the dive with the resort Dive instructor Jelena Vukosavljevic (www.mydivingexperience.com),  we dived at the Corner Bar, 15m depth with 3-5m visibility, it was sensational to be in the water again and our next dive is coming up in a month in Phuket!


IMG_2241 IMG_2239

The highlight of our trip was the 30 minute boat trip to the 5 mile white sandy beach. It was a glorious day to have the beach just to the 4 of us with a marvelous picnic lunch prepared for us.  The girls enjoy the powder white sand so much that they didnt want to leave the place.

IMG_2256 IMG_9361



IMG_2271 IMG_2276    IMG_2314 IMG_2312


DSC00154   IMG_2283IMG_2281IMG_2345 IMG_2341

IMG_2307 IMG_2296 IMG_2293

IMG_9392      IMG_9448

IMG_2345 IMG_2341  IMG_2334 IMG_9457 IMG_9460 \


IMG_9480 IMG_9443IMG_2327

IMG_9486 IMG_9487IMG_2311  IMG_9412IMG_9445

IMG_9498  IMG_9497IMG_2327IMG_2285

IMG_9394 DSC00081IMG_9392

IMG_2353 IMG_2350

We took the opportunity to visit the village across from us to look inside their daily life, to understand more on the resort’s endeavor on conservation and improving the community’s environment, education and health care.


IMG_9537 IMG_9556 IMG_9584  IMG_9594 IMG_9598 IMG_2554

IMG_2555 IMG_2575

IMG_9619 IMG_9630


IMG_2548 IMG_2546

IMG_9659 IMG_9666


It was not our first private island journey but it was the first for the girls, Song Saa was a luxury getaway emotionally and physically, until next time, we shall be back!

New York born, Taiwan raised, married Swiss, addicted to travel, love the change of boundaries, cant live without bubble, lover of food n wine, helping dad to run a lock company, passion in art n culture, recently picked up photography and blogging, raising two girls, balancing a busy life, juggling with different chores, writing my book and living my life!

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