Alesund is a seaport and is one of the few Art Nouveau cities left in the world.  The architecture makes this city different from any other Norwegian cities.

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A catastrophic fire destroyed about 850 buildings in the city center of Alesund and left 10,000 people homeless in 1904. The German Emperor Wilhelm II immediately offered his help, the city was revamped in a relatively short time, Alesund raised gloriously and became one of the most beautiful towns in Norway in an amazing Jugend style architecture.

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Alesund is spread over several islands stretching into the Atlantic, with the spectacular Sunnmøre Mountains as a backdrop.

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The community of Giske which consists of 4 islands that are connected to the mainland by bridges and a long sub-sea tunnel, we visited Giske and Godoy.

IMG_6665 IMG_6661 IMG_6659IMG_6658IMG_6657IMG_6654IMG_6649

Godoy is a charming small fishing village facing the Atlantic Ocean. We took a short break at the Alnes Lighthouse and had a quick coffee break to taste the typical Norwegian pancake. Godoy felt especially peaceful in the rain that afternoon.


Giske was the birthplace of the powerful Viking head Rollo who invaded and founded Normandy. There have been settlements on this fertile island since the early Bronze Age and several burial mounds containing precious objects have been excavated. We visited the marble Giske Church which dates back to 1150 and once the Giske family chapel.

IMG_6689IMG_6688 .IMG_6692IMG_6699IMG_6698IMG_6697IMG_6696IMG_6695IMG_6694IMG_6703IMG_6687

We ended the trip with a stop at the amazing view point on Fjellstua just above the city centre.


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