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Leknes is a town situated in the geographical middle of the Lofoten archipelago on the island of Vestvagoya. The Lofoten Islands were voted by National Geographic as one of the most appealing destinations in the world.

Upon our arrival at Leknes, we went ashore via the tender boat service.


Crossing under the narrow sound between Lilleeid and Napp, continued along Flakstad Bay and arrived at the charming little red Flakstad Church. Flakstad Kirke was first built in 1430 but destroyed and rebuilt in Russian timber in 1700s, its unique because of its Russian architecture motif.

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Arrived at Sund’s Fisheries Museum with an extensive collection of objects from the past. The museum was originally established in 1964 by Petra and Hans Gjertsen as their own private collection and now owned and run by blacksmith Tor-Vegard Morkved.



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We continued to Nusfjord, one of Norway’s oldest and best preserved fishing village and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was one of the three places selected for the European Architectural Heritage Year in 1975 and now operated as an open-air museum.  The heritage listed buildings and historical settings have retained their original character. 





Nusfjord was originally the property of the royal crown but was sold in two parts to the Dahl family in 1823 and 1843 who developed the site into a leading fishing village.





It was windy and cold so we took a break in the Karoline Restaurant which belonged to the Dahl family in Nusfjord.


Nusfjord is a cultural gem rich in history, tranquil and peaceful. It represents over two centuries of fish harvesting and fish export.





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