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Ronda is a charming gem in Malaga, Spain. It sits in and around a deep gorge spanned by an impressive bridge and is one of the largest white hill towns.

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As one of the oldest towns in Spain, Ronda is embraced with history in every corner. There are traces of its origins from the Neolithic age, the era of the Romans then the Arab and the conquest by the Catholic Monarchs in 1485 all the way to the 19th century.

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Ronda is the origin of modern bullfighting and this was the first great Spanish bullring still in use up to this day.

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The ravine 360 feet down and 200 feet wide divides Ronda into the whitewashed old Moorish town (La Ciudad) and the new town (El Mercadillo) which was built after the Christian reconquest in 1485.





The old town if filled with narrow winding streets that lead you to various types of architectures, museums and gardens, full of surprises.

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Ernest Hemingway and Orson Welles spent many summers in Ronda as part-time residents and wrote much about Ronda’s beauty and famous bull fighting traditions which added much fame to this hidden gem.

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Ronda makes a wonderful day trip from the touristy Costa del Sol.


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