Valencia is the 3rd largest city of Spain after Madrid and Barcelona.

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Founded by the Romans, Valencia has been the home of many cultures throughout history: Romans, Visigoths, Moors and the Aragonese all made this city an important cultural and financial center. 


Valencia was founded as a Roman colony in 138 BC. The city is situated on the banks of the Turia, on the east coast of the Iberian Peninsula, its historical center is one of the largest in Spain.

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Its Cathedral was built on a former mosque which began in 13th century and continued to undergo a serious of changes until the 17th century. The structure features different styles but appears in the Gothic style.

IMG_8263 IMG_8259 IMG_8258 IMG_8256IMG_8271 IMG_8274

El Miguelete Tower is one of the city’s emblematic monuments which stands next to the cathedral’s main door.  It was built in 1381 in an octagonal shape. IMG_8273 IMG_8272IMG_8277 IMG_8290 IMG_8288 IMG_8287IMG_8283IMG_8433IMG_8425IMG_8423

Valencia is trade, art, history, museum, theater and business, it is the center of avant grade design and one of the most active cities in Europe regarding fairs and conferences.

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IMG_8322 IMG_8327 IMG_8326 IMG_8324

Plaza del Ayuntamiento, Town Hall Square is the main square in Valencia. This beautiful plaza has a fountain and patch of grass in the center and its flanked by some of Valencia’s most beautiful and important buildings.


IMG_8340 IMG_8358 IMG_8356 IMG_8355 IMG_8354 IMG_8353 IMG_8351 IMG_8349 IMG_8347 IMG_8345 IMG_8344 IMG_8343 IMG_8341

IMG_8364 IMG_8372 IMG_8371 IMG_8369 IMG_8366 IMG_8365

The famous Paella is a Valencia rice dish.  There are usually  several types of paella, with meat (chicken/rabbit), fish or seafood and mixed ones.  An authentic Paella is made only with fresh ingredients in a special iron pan and the girls totally loved it.

.IMG_8373IMG_8381 IMG_8394 IMG_8387 IMG_8384



With its unique setting, Valencia has been Spain’s mediterranean port, the vastness of the sea against the coastal mountains make Valencian coast attractive.

 IMG_8400 IMG_8419 IMG_8417 IMG_8410 IMG_8409 IMG_8407 IMG_8402

We end our day trip with a walk at the Platja de El Cabanyal, which is the start of the beach line in Valencia city. IMG_8401

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