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Daddy goes to Spain for work every months so we decided to skip a week of school to go with daddy this time. Mommy rented a 2 bedroom apartment for us to stay in and the weather was fantastic throughout the entire week, we had so much fun that we didn’t want to come back to Taiwan.

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Upon arrival while waiting for our apartment to be ready, we went to daddy’s more formal setting restaurant Tse Yang for lunch, the restaurant is inside the hotel Villa Magna. It serves more traditional Chinese food and the restaurant is always fully packed at night especially on weekends.

IMG_7846 IMG_7847 IMG_7902


Since mommy doesn’t like to cook so she took us to the hotel next door for buffet breakfast everyday.

IMG_7886 IMG_7890  IMG_7893  IMG_7962  IMG_7964IMG_7889

IMG_7918 IMG_7905IMG_7916 IMG_7915

We played at the playground and rode the carousel near our apartment a lot, it was also next to daddy’s restaurant, a very nice area with many shops and department stores.

IMG_7973 IMG_7977 IMG_7976 IMG_7974IMG_7981

Daddy was busy with a client from Amsterdam so mommy took us around the city for some cultural immersion, we went to the famous Prado Museum, the Madrid Cathedral and the Palace.

IMG_7991 IMG_7989 IMG_7987 IMG_7986 IMG_7985 IMG_7983 IMG_8043 IMG_8042 IMG_8038 IMG_8033 IMG_8032 IMG_8031

Mommy also took us to the Mercado with different types of Spanish specialty food and walked around the famous Plaza Mayor to take pictures and we did some shopping for the house.

IMG_8004IMG_8009 IMG_8005  IMG_8003 IMG_8002 IMG_8001IMG_8012 IMG_8025 IMG_8017 IMG_8046 IMG_8045

Mommy also took us to a nice elegant hotel for lunch, mommy likes small-scale hotel with cozy and elegant atmosphere. Mommy had the degustation menu so it was an 8 course meal for mommy.

IMG_8047 IMG_8050IMG_8061 IMG_8058 IMG_8052 IMG_8083 IMG_8082

IMG_8062 IMG_8081 IMG_8076 IMG_8075 IMG_8068

IMG_8067 IMG_8066 IMG_8064 IMG_8086

Daddy had to entertain his guests so he took them to Toledo for sightseeing and ordered the famous suckling pig for them to try.

IMG_8117 IMG_8168 IMG_8155 IMG_8153

IMG_8150 IMG_8149


This national library next to our apartment is a stunning architecture and the sculpture below is outside the Madrid train station, its a set of two baby heads meaning day and night, mommy only likes the night one.

IMG_8133 IMG_8131 IMG_8435

IMG_8445 IMG_8443 IMG_8442 IMG_8441

We also went to try daddy’s new line of restaurants called Dim Sum Club in various Corte Ingles department store, it’s a more casual brand with simple food like dim sum, noodles and vegetables.


IMG_8463 IMG_8462 IMG_8460 IMG_8459

We also visit uncle Nuno and Paul’s pizza restaurant one evening, the pizza was one of the best I’ve ever had. In case you are in Madrid, you must go!

IMG_8457 IMG_8456 IMG_8455 IMG_8454

IMG_8453 IMG_8452 IMG_8451

We finally saw our newly purchased home and also saw some properties with the real estate agent Caroline, mommy likes to look at different properties to understand the city and neighborhood more.

IMG_8512 IMG_8517 IMG_8516

IMG_8519 IMG_8523 IMG_8520

We walked a lot since the weather was stunning, we walked along the famous Gran Via with many beautiful architectures on the side, it was very pleasant just to look at these beauties.

IMG_8524 IMG_8564 IMG_8557 IMG_8543 IMG_8538 IMG_8537 IMG_8535 IMG_8534 IMG_8533 IMG_8531 IMG_8530 IMG_8527IMG_8566 IMG_8573 IMG_8570

IMG_8578 IMG_8616 IMG_8614 IMG_8610 IMG_8608 IMG_8604

IMG_8601  IMG_8599 IMG_8596 IMG_8593 IMG_8592 IMG_8590 IMG_8585

IMG_8582 IMG_8581

IMG_8580 IMG_8579

Daddy and mommy took us to a toy shop, we were happy to play in the shop and we each got a gift from daddy and we had our favorite frozen yogurt. It was a happy day for Chloe and I.

IMG_8618IMG_8624 IMG_8640 IMG_8638 IMG_8637 IMG_8634 IMG_8631 IMG_8629 IMG_8628 IMG_8627

Mommy went jogging in the Retiro park one afternoon, the park was beautiful with a very nice lake.



The last night we had a small dinner party at home, uncle Nicolas, auntie Sabrina, uncle Paul, auntie Laura, uncle Nuno, auntie Agnes all came, each of them make a dish for dinner and they drank a lot of wine, it was a happy evening and a wonderful end to our week in Madrid.







New York born, Taiwan raised, married Swiss, addicted to travel, love the change of boundaries, cant live without bubble, lover of food n wine, helping dad to run a lock company, passion in art n culture, recently picked up photography and blogging, raising two girls, balancing a busy life, juggling with different chores, writing my book and living my life!

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