IMG_7764  IMG_7766

IMG_7768 IMG_7773

IMG_7775 IMG_7776

IMG_7780 IMG_7781

IMG_7806 IMG_7807

IMG_7813 IMG_7814 IMG_7816 IMG_7818

IMG_7821 IMG_7822 IMG_7823

IMG_7825 IMG_7826 IMG_7827

IMG_7828 IMG_7830 IMG_7836

IMG_7880 IMG_7881

IMG_7883 IMG_7884 IMG_7894

IMG_7897 IMG_7898 IMG_7903 IMG_7905

IMG_7987 IMG_7989 IMG_7991 IMG_7992 IMG_7993 IMG_7994

IMG_7997 IMG_7999 IMG_8022 IMG_8024

IMG_8031 IMG_8034 IMG_8037

IMG_8039 IMG_8040 IMG_8043

IMG_8044 IMG_8045

IMG_8050 IMG_8057 IMG_8058 IMG_8063

IMG_8072 IMG_8074 IMG_8080

IMG_8082 IMG_8083 IMG_8085

IMG_8087 IMG_8090 IMG_8092

IMG_8101 IMG_8102

IMG_8105 IMG_8106 IMG_8110 IMG_8112

IMG_8113 IMG_8116 IMG_8121 IMG_8122

IMG_8124 IMG_8125

IMG_8133 IMG_8136


IMG_8149 IMG_8151 IMG_8159

IMG_8161 IMG_8163 IMG_8164

IMG_8187 IMG_8188 IMG_8191

IMG_8193 IMG_8194 IMG_8196 IMG_8197 IMG_8198

IMG_8201 IMG_8202 IMG_8204 IMG_8205 IMG_8206

New York born, Taiwan raised, married Swiss, addicted to travel, love the change of boundaries, cant live without bubble, lover of food n wine, helping dad to run a lock company, passion in art n culture, recently picked up photography and blogging, raising two girls, balancing a busy life, juggling with different chores, writing my book and living my life!

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